Scrip List

List of special order stores


Colleen Medica, Scrip Coordinator

Scrip Office:  215-447-0020


What is Scrip?

It is a unique opportunity to reduce your tuition payments and support your parish by purchasing gift cards/certificates to your favorite stores, restaurants, movie theater’s and local stores etc and a variety of special order stores. You receive a percentage of each scrip sale that will be used to reduce your tuition payment. The parish receives the same percentage as you do.  Scrip Credits can be applied to the following area’s to help defray your costs.

  • St. Ephrem’s Tuition
  • Prep Program (formerly CCD )
  • Parochial High School
  • Other Parochial Elementary Schools
  • College Tuition& Student Loans
  • 529 Plans


When school is open scrip is sold from 8 AM – 1 PM.

With additional hours on Wednesday Nights 5pm – 8pm.

We are open Sat. & Sun.15 min before and after each Mass. ONLY UNTIL NOON ON SUNDAY.


Summer Hours

 Tues and Thurs.  8am – 1pm & Wednesday Nights 4pm to 8pm.


Special Orders

Must be placed by 9am Monday morning and prepaid for.



  • Weekends 20 minutes before and after each mass of your choice.
  • Once Every 4-5 weeks.

If we do not get enough volunteers we may have to limit the time we sell on the weekends.

If you have a high school student whom needs community service here’s an easy way to fulfill that.  You and your child would only need to work 1 Sunday a month for about 40 minutes, or more often if they want.

Also if you are not signed up or using scrip see me for details.