Mrs. Christianne Quinn, DRE

Hours: Monday 9:30 AM until 1:30 PM

Thursday 9:30 AM until 1:30 PM

To register, please call to schedule an appointment.
For any questions, please call 215-639-4895 or email


2022-2023 PREP Registration Form

2022-2023 PREP Re-registration form

St. Ephrem PREP follows the directives given by the National Guildelines for Catechesis, with Jesus Christ as the energizing center at the heart of Catechesis. The goal of religious instruction aims to achieve a more integral formation of the child rather than merely communicate information.
  • Parish lay involvement is vital to the PREP program.
  • Volunteer catechists train the children in the basics of the faith from kindergarten through Seventh Grade.
  • Volunteer parents provide a safe environment for learning by serving as hall monitors, parking personnel and office personnel.
  • Teen age volunteers serve as special coordinators and teacher aides in the classrooms.
  • Children enrolled in the program participate in the PREP Choir and also participate as altar servers for the 9:00 AM Mass.
  • The course of the studies used throughout the program is based on Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and Documents of the Church.
  • Sacramental preparation consists of the two year preparation each, for First Penance, First Communion and Confirmation, with continued enrichment and development of the lived reality of the sacrament once the children have received the sacrament.
  • We have developed handbook for parents that sets forth the goals of St. Ephrem Parish Catechetical Program.
  • PREP classes are held on Sunday mornings, September through May.
  • PREP children ordinarily attend the 9:00 AM Sunday Mass with their class.