Altar Servers – Summer Schedule for July, August and September

The Altar Servers – Summer Schedule for the months of July, August and September have been mailed to all Altar Servers. If you have not received a schedule, please call the Rectory ASAP. Check for your serving assignments during these months. You are responsible to find a substitute server, when there is a conflict with your scheduled assignment. If you cannot find a substitute, then contact me at the rectory by phone or e-mail. [Rectory: 215-245-1698 or]

Please notice, that only TWO servers are assigned during the months of July and August. I am asking ALL Altar Servers to check-in at the Sacristry when you attend Mass to see if there are enough Servers for Mass. When needed, please volunteer to serve for that Mass. New Altar Servers are beginning to serve Mass during the Summer Schedule. Servers are asked to assist them and help them during these months. NEW Altar Severs will hold the binder and Missal [Book], assist at preparing the Altar, and receiving the Gifts of bread and wine. The Processional Cross leads the ministers and priest up the center aisle into the Sanctuary. Processional Candles will not be used when only two Altar Servers are serving.

Thank You for your dedication and service to the St. Ephrem Parish Family. Fr. Joseph Dragon N. B. I hope to have the Altar Server Summer Schedule on the School web site in the next week so you can access the Summer schedule. Click on the ABOUT tab and select New Altar Servers for the schedule. Go to

New Information on Church Annulments


Archdiocese announces New Information on Church Annulments During the Year of Mercy (and hopefully beyond), at the request of Pope Francis, there will be NO charge for any marriage annulment through the Marriage Tribunal at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This new policy covers “long” annulments, that can cost from $300.00 to $850.00, and “simple” annulments that cost $50.00 and are handled by the parish priest. If you are not sure whether or not you need a church annulment, or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call the rectory. Also, in the lobby of the church on the shelf in front of the bulletin board, there are information flyers describing what is involved in applying for an annulment and the phone number of the Metropolitan Tribunal.