A Slight Change, But a Welcomed Convenience! 
We will no longer be live-streaming our 12 noon Mass. We will now be recording the 5:00 pm Saturday evening Mass, which will be available for viewing after 8:00 pm Saturday evening. 
Parishioners will now be able to view the mass at their convenience, starting at 8:00 pm Saturday evening and any time after that – including anytime on Sunday. 
With this slight change, we are hoping more parishioners who are not yet comfortable with returning the Mass in person, will participate with us through the recorded Liturgy.
Just a reminder, the address for the Mass, which lists all the recording Masses we have recorded thus far, is:  bit.ly/saintephrembensalem






***We have joyfully begun welcoming parishioners back to our Parish for the celebration of Mass!!***

For the time being, parishioners are welcome to join us for Sunday Masses at 5:00pm on Saturday evening; and, on Sunday morning at 7:30am and 10:30am and Sunday at 12 noon.


During the ‘green phase’:

-we still expect all those joining us for Mass to wear a face mask.

-We will continue to social distance in the church, by sitting only in the designated pews.

-Our maintenance staff will continue sanitizing the Church pews and other areas of the church on a regular basis.

-We will continue to use only one set of doors for entrance into the Church; and, one set of doors to exit the Church. (Please continue to be deliberately conscious to social distance as you are exiting the church, by respecting the distance between you and those exiting the Church at the same time.)  If you are able to remain in Church for an extra few minutes after Mass, it will greatly lend to a smooth exit from the Church.

Parishioners are now welcome to join us for our 12 Noon Mass. We will continue to live stream the 12 Noon Mass, but we now have equipment in place that allows us to live stream Mass with people present in the Church.

We have also introduced limited singing to our Liturgies. For the time being, as a congregation, we will only sing, the Responsorial Psalm, and the Mass parts.  Additionally, the cantor, alone, will sing hymns during the offertory and Communion procession.

Please also note the change to our Communion Stations. For the foreseeable future, there will be two communion stations near the Saint Joseph Altar and two communion stations near the Blessed Mother altar.  There will not be a Communion Station in the center aisle.

Please note that there is not a 9:00am Mass on Sunday morning for the time being. Please realize this is not a permanent change in our Sunday Mass schedule! We will eventually return to our traditional Sunday Mass schedule in time.

Our weekday Masses have resumed, Monday through Friday at 7:00am and 8:30am and at 8:30am on Saturdays.

Please be aware that Archbishop Perez has extended the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice. What this means is, if you are uncomfortable with gathering in a crowd at this time, you are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.

For those who will be joining us for Mass, whether Saturday evening, Sunday morning or weekday Masses, we ask that the following restrictions be observed by all who join us:

-First, and perhaps, most importantly, if you have been exposed to the COVID 19 virus, or have other flu-like symptoms, please do not plan to join us in Church for Mass for two weeks after you have been exposed, or two weeks after your last flu-like symptom has dissipated.

-Those who are advanced in age, or who have compromised immune systems, are encouraged to seriously consider remaining home for the coming weeks.

-The doors to the Church will be propped open.  Only the doors in the lobby of Church will be available for entering and exiting the Church. However, parishioners will have access to the Marian Center bathrooms.

-All who join us for Mass in Church are to wear a face mask for the duration of your time in Church. Please be sure and bring a mask with you, as we are not able to supply masks. Persons not wearing face masks will be asked not to enter the Church.

-Please do not wear disposable gloves in Church. The wearing of disposable gloves actually fosters the spread of germs.

-Seating in church will be available only in designated pews; these pews will be easily identifiable; please, do not sit in a pew that is designated as a barrier zone.

-We ask that there be a maximum of two individuals, or one family, in a side pew; and a maximum of four individuals, or one family, in a center pew.

-If we meet the maximum number of congregants, we will inform people that the Church is full to capacity for that Mass.

-The collection baskets will not be used for our offertory collection. Instead, parishioners are asked to place their offering in the specially marked basket as you enter or exit the Church.

-The Sign of Peace will not be offered.

-When joining the Communion Procession, we will assemble in our usual fashion – starting with the front, side pews, working our way from the back of the center pews. Please follow the designated spots marked on the carpeting to ensure proper social distancing. Our Communion Procession will be a single line in the center aisle.

-As you are nearing the Minster of Holy Communion, please remove your mask, so as to be able to consume the Sacred Host immediately. You should replace your mask as soon as possible after consuming the Host.

-The communicant is strongly encouraged to receive Holy Communion in the hand. For those who wish to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, we ask that you approach only the Communion station farthest to the left of the sanctuary; near the Blessed Mother altar.

-The Precious Blood will not be offered during Communion.

-When exiting the Church after Mass, please be conscious to respect the social distance between yourself and those who are leaving Mass at the same time.

-For the safety of all concerned, please do not gather or socialize after Mass in the lobby or on the walkway to the Church.

-Parish Bulletins will be available in the lobby of Church; however, they will not be handed out by our ushers.

As we all work to come together for Mass, I ask that you please be patient; over the next several weeks, we may need to adjust some of our regulations to ensure the safety of all who join us for Mass.



If anyone is in need of food or other items please do not hesitate to contact Sr. Mary Jane at mjbihm3@gmail.com. 
Please include your address, phone number, email and how many children and /or adults are at your residence. The food and items will be delivered compliments of our companies in Bensalem Township. This is all done anonymously.

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