Newsletter to our Elderly Homebound

Dear St. Ephrem’s Family,
In this glorious Easter season when we are usually overcome with the beauty of the earth blossoming forth in color and scent, this year has proven to be a bit different than some recent seasons of Easter.
For these past weeks, in spite of one or two days that truly felt like spring had finally arrived, we were thrust back into chilly, windy and damp days.  Yet, we know that those days, too, will pass and eventually we will be enjoying the much-needed delight of springtime.  Such is the nature of hope!
These past few days I have been noticing the tree outside my bedroom window.  I wonder at this tree early each morning…it endures so much–unforgiving winds and icy realities throughout the winter only to move into the penetrating rays of beastly heat and utter dryness in the depth of summer!  Yet, due to those mighty roots that burrow deep down into the rich, dark earth they are enabled to withstand the extremes of whatever comes their way!
Is not that somewhat of each of our realities?  Life introduces so many different challenges which invade our spirits, high points of joy tempered with depths of suffering.  Due to the roots of our Faith which are daily strengthened by the Presence of the Holy Spirit within us, we also are much like the tree outside of our windows.
On May 20, our Catholic Family will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit—Pentecost Sunday!  Yes, we remember the telling of that first coming through the Acts of the Apostles but the Holy Spirit is WITH us each and every moment NOW!  The Helper, the Advocate sent to us is pouring LIFE into our spirits–guiding us to live as Jesus lived–pouring our lives out in love and service to others.
Invite that same Spirit to fill you anew…to remain with you…communicate with the Holy Spirit…tell of your needs, your hopes, your desires..and believe!
May your days be sunlit within your spirit– as you tend the Garden of your heart…cultivating the Gifts and Fruits of that same Spirit in the moments of each day!
God bless you!
Sister Mary Jane