Communion Services at Alegria at Oaks of Bensalem

~Eucharistic Ministers for Communion Services~
Please make sure to switch with someone if you cannot make your assigned date.
Wojcik Family-   215-752-9270
Kathy MacElroy-   215-638-0453
Chris Layden-   215-638-4741
Gloria D’Onofrio-   215-638-0260
Angela Barone-   215-485-6642
Eileen Swenson-   215-245-4471
Bette Ross-   215-750-0334
Marilyn Kopczenski-     215-757-6851
Kevin Jaibur- 215-668-6519


July, 2019

7- Eileen Swenson

14-Bette Ross

21-Kevin Jaibur

28- Angela Barone


Photos  from  Alegria at Oaks  of  Bensalem