Communion Services at Juniper Village


Communion Service Schedule

Eucharistic Ministers—Please remember to switch with someone if you

cannot make your scheduled day.  Many thanks and God bless!


Tom Kilian—215-757-818  

Gerry Donnelly—215-638-7184

Bob Quinn—215-872-2603  

Floss Heckler—215-208-7762

Chris VanHorn—215-208-7762  

Mary Ann Riccio—267-229-3281

Buddying—Welcome Sue Kochis 215-920-7438



4—Tom Killian

11—Gerry Donnelly

14-(Ash Wednesday-Floss Heckler & MaryAnn Riccio

25—Chris VanHorn


4—MaryAnn Riccio

11—Floss Heckler

18—Tom Kilian

25—Gerry Donnelly



1— Bob Quinn

8—Chris VanHorn

15—MaryAnn Riccio

22—Floss Heckler

29—Tom Kilian



6—Gerry Donnelly

13—Bob Quinn

20—Chris VanHorn’

27—MaryAnn Riccio